Our Just Cause

We imagine a world where pioneering life enhancing physical solutions are affordable for everyone.

Because mechanical innovation is at the very foundation of human evolution.

Think of a nail cutter, a pair of scissors, a belt buckle, a shirt button, the hinge on your sunglasses, a retractable ball pen or the zip on your trousers. Ingenious inventions like these are the tiny fundamental mechanical technologies that make our lives effortless. Just imagining life without them would make you appreciate how they allow you to go through the trivial things effortlessly so that you can invest more time and effort into performing the more complex life functions. 



With every physical product that we create, we want to enable everyone to have more time and energy for the things that matter the most in their life by making the recurring everyday tasks fast and easy.



Problem Definition

The problem at hand is defined as comprehensively yet briefly as possible to cover all the crucial aspects that need to be addressed by the desired solution.

Step 0
Root Cause Diagnosis

The problem is understood and studied thoroughly through verbal/written feedback and comments from the people who are witness to the problem; up to date scientific knowledge and engineering principles are used to dig deeper into the problem and get closer to the root cause; this step is only concluded when at least one principally verifiable root cause to the problem has been identified.

Step 1
Research and Benchmarking

An exhaustive market research is done to identify the already existing technologies in state of the art that are at present being used to solve the problem at hand or to serve the same purpose that the solution to be developed is required to serve. Benchmarking of the final required specifications of the solution being developed is done. A Requirements List that outlines all the requirements to be met by the final solution is prepared.

Step 2
Function Development

The overall function of the final solution being developed is comprehensively defined and divided into several sub-functions with their respective interrelations to meet all the requirements defined in the Requirements List. A Function Structure that outlines all the functions that the final solution would achieve is prepared.

Step 3
Concept Development

Multiple suitable Physical Effects (physical working principles, mechanisms, laws, concepts etc.) are identified to achieve all the sub-functions identified during Function Development. Various appropriate combinations of the Physical Effects are made to get multiple Principal Solutions (Concepts). These Concepts are evaluated and weighed against each other based on clearly defined main objectives of the final solution. Based on this evaluation one Final Concept is selected.

Step 4
Embodiment Design

At this stage, the Final Concept and all its individual components are given their basic shape, size, and dimensions using a CAD modelling software. Materials, inter-component interrelations and assembly parameters are defined. Virtual simulation and testing is done using Engineering Simulation Software. Virtual visual CAD Models are prepared.

Step 5
Prototyping and Testing

Virtual visual CAD models of all the components created in the Embodiment Design phase are converted into real world physical components using various rapid prototyping techniques like 3D Printing, Silicone Molding etc. These components are assembled in accordance with the assembly parameters defined in the Embodiment Design phase using basic assembly, fastening, and joining methods. Several design improvements are made are over a few prototyping iterations to get a desired Working Prototype.

Step 6
Industrial Design

At this stage, The Working Prototype and all its components, after being field tested, are designed for manufacturing- each component is designed in accordance with the manufacturing method and material chosen for that specific component and with the assembly methods chosen for the final mass-produced Industrial Product. The industrial design is done using sophisticated CAD software and is accompanied with virtual simulation and testing of the Industrial Product according to the working conditions it will be subjected to during its lifetime.

Step 7
Supply Chain and Production Development

The manufacturers, suppliers and vendors are chosen, shortlisted, vetted and finalized to mass manufacture or procure the various components of the Industrial Product. An assembly and packaging partner is chosen for performing the final assembly and packaging of the Industrial Product.



    We create life enhancing products through mechanical innovation.


    22nd March 2018

    Incorporated with a mission to make breakthrough inventions, not just once but every single day, SID07 (pronounced 'sidseven') Designs was founded by Siddarth on 22nd March, 2018 in Jammu, India.


    17th January 2022

    We were bitten vigorously by the sharks on Shark Tank India on 17th January 2022 in Mumbai, India. On this day, like a caterpillar, we initiated the process of shedding our old skin as it marked the next phase of our transformation.


     (In the making..)

    Siddarth Gupta, M.Sc.
    RWTH Germany

    Founder and CEO

    A mechanical and automotive engineer by education, product design conceptualisation expert by skill, and entrepreneur by choice.

    ‘Raison d'etre’ - to build physical solutions that assist human evolution.

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    Open Position

    Chief Operating Officer

    The COO will be responsible mainly for Business Development- getting us funding opportunities with Institutional Investors; driving sales through strategic partnerships in India and abroad; developing and maintaining our network of Business Partners, Clientele and Contributors; looking after business related, secondary operations of the company on a weekly basis. Experience of a minimum of 3 years in business development or similar role, an already existing and expanding strong personal network of relevant high value connections (investors, successful c-level executives, government etc.), sound knowledge of basic business functions and operations, basic understanding of product development, Intellectual Property (IP),  and product commercialization models like IP licensing, distributorship, retail and e-commerce are some of the main requirements for this role.

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    Open Position

    Head of Production

    We are looking for a dynamic, disciplined and driven person passionate about building things with excellent communication skills. Someone with 3 or more years of experience in production systems engineering and management with deep technical know how about manufacturing processes and technologies, mechanical prototyping, supply chain management, process planning, engineering materials and assembly. Someone who does not mind working on the go and outside the office in the field with various manufacturers, suppliers or vendors in India.

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    Open Position

    Head of Marketing

    We are looking for a highly creative and flexible person with a wide and open perspective passionate about and skilled in pitching new and innovative products to untapped markets with outstanding communication and customer engagement skills. Someone with 3 or more years of experience in digital and conventional marketing with decent technical know how of primary customer research methodologies, SEO tools and strategies, targeted online reach and conversion and consumer behavior of various market segments in India. The Marketing Head should be flexible in terms of work location and comfortable with having 50 to 100 quality conversations with customers in a day when needed to collect crucial primary customer research data to further strategize marketing campaigns.

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