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A patent pending clip-on hook for your work desk for holding on to your headphones, earphones, keys, face masks, bags and what not!

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Declutter your Desk!

Desklip is our patent pending innovation. It is meant to tidy up your desk and make more space for work on top of your desk. With a load capacity of 1.5 kg, it can hold on to most things that would otherwise hinder your work flow. It can hold on very strongly to desks with thickness ranging from 17 mm to 30 mm.
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Desklip works without any springs. It has no moving members or screw like fasteners. It simply clips-on to your desk and can hold on to anything that weighs up to 1.5 kg.

More for Less

If you visit any ecommerce platform and search for headphone holders for office desks, you would very soon realize that the prices won't match the utility of the products. Desklip beats those prices, any day.


Six designs to match your personal style.


Mimimal Black

Minimalistic Presence.
For the ones who like to keep it simple.

Colors: Black



Calming Demeanor.
For the optimistic ones.
Colors: Brown, Light Blue



A Glimpse of the Cosmos.
For the star gazers.

Colors: Blue, Green, Red



Contagious Passion.
For the ones who stand out from the crowd.

Colors: Red, Pink, Purple



Liberating Energy.
For the free spirits.

Colors: White, Sky Blue, Grey



Traditional Edge.
For the seekers.
Colors: Light Yellow, Slate Blue

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Desklip, like all our premium products is shipped for free all across India. Choose Standard Delivery at Checkout.

A Perfect Gift for your Team.


Less Mess. More Work.

Desklip is the perfect corporate gifting solution, especially with most of us working from home. A little less mess on the work desk could really assist work flow and increase efficiency.

What's better?

You can have your company logo, custom colors, backgrounds and more for a minimum order quantity of as low as 50 and at delicious bulk prices! Get in touch with us, tell us what you want on your Desklips and we will design the graphics for you.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 50 cm


Desklip Weight

50 grams

Desklip Load Capacity

1.5 kg

Compatible Desk Thickness

17 mm – 30 mm

Desklip Bulk Order Inquiry

1 review for Desklip | Clip-on Desk-hook

  1. Chanakya

    It takes up little space and so good. I’ve purchased multiple ones and as gifts as well.

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A patent pending clip-on desk-hook.