Torqit | Torque Screwdriver Set


A patent pending toque limiting precision screwdriver. With 4 toque settings, and 34 piece screwdriver bit set, Torqit is suitable for most household applications.


Not your regular Screwdriver!

Torqit is a pocket sized torque limiting precision screwdriver that can be used for screws and bolts found on most of your household appliances, devices and gadgets. Simply put, it allows you to tighten a bolt or screw only as much as is needed, like professionals, at the price of a regular screwdriver!

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SID07 Torqit

Design Progression.

7 design variations.
More than 30 prototypes.
Developed over a period of 48 weeks.
Tested over a period of 4 months by professionals.

Basic Instructions


Fits in your pocket.

Less than 93 mm in length, 23 mm in diameter and 23 grams in weight.


S2 Alloy Steel.

The 34 piece screwdriver bit set included with the tool kit is made out of high quality S2 alloy steel.

Compact Toolbox.

Comes in a compact and lifelong tool box so that you don't loose your Torqit or the screwdriver bits during your favorite DIY project!

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Additional Information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 40 cm
Compatible Bolt Size

M1.5 to M2.5

No. of Screwdriver Bits

33 Bits + 1 Extender Rod

Compatible Screwdriver Bit Size

4 mm Hex Shank

Screwdriver Bits Material

S2 Alloy Steel

Construction Material

Nylon 6

Inside the Box

  1. Torqit - Torque Limiting Precision Screwdriver
  2. Assorted Screwdriver Bits - 33 pieces
  3. Extension Rod - 1 Piece
  4. Compact Tool Box


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World’s smallest torque limiting screwdriver.